Saturday, June 21, 2008

Kevin & Cory's Wedding

Well, Heather's been blogging for us for quite a while. I guess it's time I got involved too.

This weekend is Kevin & Cory's wedding. I have known Kevin and Cory since high school. They started dating after Heather and I moved to Houston and we haven't had the chance to hang out with them much since the started dating. We are excited to hang out with them and a few of our College Station friends that we haven't seen for a while.

Last night we started the weekend off with the Wedding rehearsal and dinner at Messina Hof winery. They are getting married at the A&M United Methodist church in College Station. It's one of the oldest churches still around in College Station. It's very pretty inside, lots of stained glass windows and a real working pipe organ! Everything seemed to come off with out a hitch, unfortunately the batteries were dead in the camera so we'll be posting a few photos from today instead.

We finished up fairly quickly and headed over to Messina Hof for a wine reception and dinner. Kevin's parents did a lovely job of setting things up for the evening. The room we were in looked out over the vineyards; with the sun setting it was a nice evening. The wine, food and company was great. At some point the word was passed around about going to the bowling alley. I am not one for bowling except for on the Wii, but i couldn't give up the chance to hang out with friends I don't see very often.

The bowling ally was a blast, Joey and I decided to partake in the consumption of cheap liquor and laugh at everyone bowling. Heather might be a "Pro" Wii bowler but it doesn't show on the real lanes. Although she was bowling in socks?

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