Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Yummy fish

Sunday a couple of guys (James and Matt) who had been diving with us all week decided to go fishing instead of diving. Our dive boat was pulling up to the dock just as their boat was coming in, we were motioning to them asking if they caught anything, then they held up a mahi mahi that was almost as big as me! They caught 2 huge ones and one smaller one! We got off the dive boat and watched the fishing guide fillet the fish right there on the boat.

So that night they invited us and another family that had been diving with us all week to go over to Kelley's and have fish for dinner. We each got 2 or 3 big fillets of mahi mahi and I was stuffed!

Misha the cat at Kelley's begs worse than Connor!

After dinner James, Matt, Jeff and I walked over to the town square and saw that they were having a bike jumping contest. they had a ramp in the street and everything.

They guys all decided they wanted dessert, how could they still be hungry after all that fish?? So we walked down to Margaritaville and hung out for awhile.

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