Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Turtles Love us!

We saw more turtles today than I've ever seen in one day of diving! Our first dive site was Dalila Reef and we saw 3 turtles on this dive!
this one was eating and not at all concerned about us hanging out watching
He let me get pretty close

Turtle 2 was hanging out under an overhang
We also got really close to this one

nurse shark
We didn't get quite as close to turtle 3
sea urchin

arrow crab, these are pretty small, about the size of a daddy long legs
Our second dive was at a site called Punta Tunich, which means Rocky Point in Mayan
We saw this turtle at the surface breathing

then he swam down to hang out with us

He was super close to us, I should have had Jeff get in behind him so I could get them both in a picture, but I didn't think of it at the time

Our afternoon dive was at Paradise Reef

spotted eel

a tiny peacock flounder, not much bigger than my finger
a little blennie, these guys are smaller than a small paperclip
Splendid toadfish are fairly common in Cozumel but aren't found anywhere else in the world!

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