Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Last day of diving

Monday was our last day of diving. Our first site was Palancar Caves
French angelfish
Brittle star on a sponge

2 arrow crabs, they're about the size of a daddy long legs
brittle star in a sponge
Jeff likes these little fish

Jeff coming out of a swim through
golden crinoid
close up

I had the divemaster take this picture, I had to fight the current to get back over to where Jeff was after handing off the camera, it didn't work too well
this is a tiny little jelly fish about the size of my thumbnail
Our second dive was at Yucab Reef
Jeff giant striding off the boat
There was a strong current on this dive. My parents call these super man dives, Jeff is demonstrating

pipehorse, it's very small and looks like a leaf, they are related to seahorses and very rare. I was really excited to see it since I love seahorses

Jeff with Miguel, one of our favorite divemasters from this trip

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