Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Cozumel Trip- first day of diving

We did 2 dives our first day of diving, we didn't take the camera on the first dive at a site named Palancar Caves, there weren't really caves, but there were some cool swim throughs. Our second dive was at Villa Blanca, I took the camera and really just tried to get used to using it.

The camera takes really good pictures, but unless the flash goes off and you're only about 2 feet from the subject, it really doesn't pick up all the beautiful colors underwater. Many of our pictures look pretty blue like the one below, but the actual colors were more like the picture above.

This was the first turtle we saw on the trip, I was pretty excited to get a picture of it, even if it was swimming away from me! I had no idea how close we'd get to turtles later in the week.

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