Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Cozumel Trip Friday

This was a fun day of diving, we saw 3 turtles on the first dive! That dive site was Catacolio.
Turtle 1 was pretty curious about us and let us get pretty close before he swam away.
Turtle 2 was pretty small and was really curious, I was at the back of our dive group and only a few of us saw this turtle, he swam really close to me.
This is what the colors on the reef really look like, the camera doesn't pick up all the color unless we're about 2 or 3 feet from the subject and we use the flash.
The first spotted drum of the trip, this one is intermediate. They are really tough to get pictures of because they dance around constantly.
Our second dive of the day was at San Fransisco Reef, it's Jeff's favorite site.

This green moray eel was sleeping on it's side under an overhang, it was huge.
Queen angelfish
These jacks were pretty big and swam right at me

Honeycomb cowfish
I'm pretty sure these black durgon (triggerfish) were doing some kind of mating dance

Reticulated Brittle stars are pretty tough to find since they usually stay buried in the sand, this one is all the way out in the first picture and burying itself in the second picture
squat shrimp live in anemonies, they're very tiny, about the size of your pinkie fingernail.
We also did an afternoon dive at Paradise Reef
Spotted eel
banded coral shrimp
splendid toadfish
Yellow headed jawfish, these guys live in holes in the sand and they're tough to photograph
Yellow stingrays can change color
brittle star on a sponge
Flamingo tongue snail
Christmas tree worms

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