Wednesday, June 11, 2008

More turtles and a huge parrotfish

On Saturday we dove at Paso del Cedral and then at Chankanaab Reef We saw 2 turtles on the first dive, but they were a little more shy and didn't hang out to have their pictures taken. Nurse shark, they're very shy and just swim away if you bother them
Queen triggerfish, very bright beautiful colors, but they didn't quite come out in this picture
Yellowtail Damselfish looking right at me, they're one of my favorite fish
Gray angelfish

a blenny looking out of his hole

brittle star on a sponge
goldentail moray eel
Huge rainbow parrotfish with a bright orange head

another queen triggerfish
close up of brain coral
social featherduster

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Ingrid said...

Heather- Chris agrees the pictures are phenomenal and really should be in a field guide or textbook. They're stunning!