Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Cozumel Trip

Jeff and I were really excited about going to Cozumel. Jeff also got to celebrate his 30th birthday in Cozumel! We got a new camera for the trip and Jeff wanted to get the underwater housing for it, I told him, no way, it was just too much money right before vacation. But I had ordered it for him for his birthday, that was a tough secret to keep! He opened it on the plane, and he was pretty impressed that I had kept it secret.

The underwater camera housing

We stayed at Vista del Mar, the same place we have stayed before and we dove with Aqua Safari, the same company we have dove with before.
Pool at the Vista del Mar, there's a cool tiled turtle on the bottom
The view from our balcony
The Vista del Mar has two pet turtles that live near the entrance to the hotel

The Aqua Safari pier

This is a sculpture near the town square of a coral reef with scuba divers

These people dressed like Mayans and did a show every night near the ferry pier

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