Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Jeff's 30th Birthday

Our first dive site today was Palancar Bricks, there were a few bricks on the bottom, which is how the site got its name.
Jeff took pictures on this dive and saw this big grouper

I played with some damselfish that were very territorial, one of them almost bit my finger!

Whitespotted filefish

Our second dive of the day was at Chankanaab Reef

Sanddivers are sometimes tough to see because they blend in with the sand really well

Spiny lobster

I wanted to see if the camera would pick up the pink color of this coral

Trumpet fish

Scorpion fish also blend in with the coral really well

We did a third dive at Paradise Reef in the afternoon, we didn't take the camera, but we saw some cool stuff like a splendid toadfish, shrimp, an eel and a couple of stingrays.

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