Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Juvenile fish

I love to see the juveniles of different fish species. It's amazing how different some of them look from the adults. Most juvenile fish are pretty tough to find, they hide really well. We got to see some really cool juvenile fish on this trip.
Juvenile queen angelfish
Juvenile queen angelfish
adult queen angelfish, I think she's looking right at me
adult queen angelfish
Juvenile trunkfish, these guys are one of my favorite juvenile fish, they look totally different from the adults. Jeff found this one and showed it to me, I spent so much time trying to get a good picture that I almost got left behind by the entire group!
adult trunkfish
Juvenile yellowtail damselfish, these are dark blue with tiny bright blue diamonds all over them, this one was tiny, smaller than my thumb.
He was also really good at hiding and really hard to get a picture of
Adult yellowtail damselfish
juvenile spotted drum, these are really hard to get pictures of because they dance around constantly, this one was really small, about the size of my thumb, not including his oversized fins
Intermediate spotted drum

adult spotted drum, now you can see why they're called spotted drums

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Anonymous said...

Awesome shots girl! I love them. Looks like you guys had a lot of fun =)