Thursday, July 3, 2008

Kevin and Cory's wedding

So I guess Jeff isn't going to blog about Kevin and Cory's wedding so I'll at least post a few pictures and say we had a lot of fun and the wedding was beautiful. Kevin and Cory were both obviously overjoyed to be getting married. I think they make a great couple and will have a long and happy marriage.

The College Station watertowerplaying Wii at Kevin's before the weddingKevin and Joey
The rings
Joey and Kay Lynn
Kevin and KimberlyKevin and his parents

They look so happy to be married!
The number one photo op at the winery
Kimberly and Louis

Jeff was experimenting with the camera and got this shot of the centerpieces
Bubbles look really cool in the pictures

Kay Lynn and I had a lot of fun blowing bubbles and trying to get good pictures of them

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