Saturday, July 5, 2008

July 4th

The morning of July 4th I did a bike ride in Montgomery County called "Burn your Buns". Ingrid and her husband Chris and Steph, Marla, and Matt all did it too. It was a nice day to ride, not nearly as hot as I expected July 4th to be. I had planned to do the 62 mile route, but I took a wrong turn and ended up doing some extra miles and a couple extra steep hills (at least it's good practice) on the first loop, so I cut my second loop down to about 2/3 and ended up with 54 miles. I was pretty impressed when I saw the GPS profile for this ride, it has more steep hills and more elevation gain than the Longhorn course!
Although the climbs were shorter on this ride than on the Longhorn course. It didn't seem nearly as hilly as the Chappell Hill ride, so I'm interested to see what the GPS says about that ride.
I had planned to take some pictures at the ride, but the camera batteries died.

For me July 4th is all about Fireworks! I really love fireworks and Houston has the largest land based fireworks display in the country! Jeff and I headed down to Tinsley Park and found a spot right in front of one of the 3 places they set off the fireworks. This is the 3rd time we've gone to Houston's fireworks, so we've finally figured out the best place to be. We weren't quite as close as this picture looks, but we were about as close as they'd let you get.

We had a couple hours to wait for the fireworks so I got us some $5 snowcones, yep, $5 for a snowcone.
We watched the sunset
and then the Fireworks! Jeff took pictures and he did an awesome job!

We could actually Feel the fireworks shooting off and they were really beautiful!

Jeff took this video about halfway through the fireworks display, it's really cool!

This is the beginning of the finale, it was so bright that the camera just picked up white!

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Matt said...

I think the wrong turn on the first bike loop explains why I took off after the rest stop and never saw you.