Monday, September 15, 2008

Ingrid and Chris's evacuation

Ok, I feel pretty bad writing about this since so many of my friends and my in-laws are miserable in Houston right now. Ok but miserable.

But... Ingrid and Chris and their dog Brady evacuated on Friday to our house. We have had SO much fun with them!
Ingrid and Chris
Brady, he is doing really well with Connor and Katie, especially considering that Connor is 8 1/2 years old and Brady is only 8 1/2 months old!
Ingrid and Katie
We really just watched the news all night Friday and Saturday morning. Saturday afternoon Ingrid and Chris heard that their house is ok, but no power. They were thinking about trying to go home on Sunday but Jeff and I (and everyone we/they talked to in Houston) talked them into staying until things get better. After we heard that all our friends and families are ok, we decided to just have some fun!
Saturday night we went to Motzart's for dessert.
Sunday morning Ingrid and I went for a bike ride on Parmer Lane.
We went to Home Slice pizzia and then to Barton Springs pool. Ingrid and I were super hungry after our ride. Home Slice is known for having the best pizzia in Austin.
Waiting to get a seat at Home Slice.
Ingrid really enjoyed her pizza!
After Barton Springs we went to Hey Cupcake.
Hey Cupcake is famous for having the best cupcakes in Austin. Their "store" is just an airstream trailer on South Congress and they close if/when they run out of cupcakes everyday.

Jeff's reaction when he found out there were still cupcakes!

Ingrid enjoying her cupcake

Chris and Jeff really enjoyed their cupcakes!

Me eating my cupcake!

Ingrid and I loved these t-shirts! I swear I don't have a curly red ponytail, it's the lady behind me!

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