Sunday, September 28, 2008

Flat Creek Winery

Jeff signed us up for the Flat Creek Winery wine club, twice a year we get newly released bottles of wine. They have a party for people to come pick up their wine, they had a BBQ dinner, a silent auction, tours of the new building they've almost finished, and of course wine tasting. Charlie, the winemaker was giving the tours and since we were with a very small group and the last tour of the night, he let us sample lots of wines from the tanks before they are put in the barrels. He also let us smell a juice, it hadn't fermented into wine yet, that smelled really good, like tropical fruits. I asked him if it would taste like it smells he said "yes, it would taste like it smells, but it hasn't fermented much yet, so it still has yeast and stuff in it, so if you drank it it would give you the shits" Ok, we won't taste that then!Jeff and I with Charlie the winemakerthe new private wine tasting room they are building

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