Sunday, September 21, 2008

I rode the Longhorn Half Iron course!

Ingrid came back from Houston to ride the Longhorn course with me on Saturday. We got out to the start a little after 7:00am and we were happily surprised to find so many other cyclists out there getting ready to ride. I'm guessing there were probably about 50 people out riding the course. I have been worrying about this bike course all summer! There were some steep hills, and the hill by the dam is steep and long, but most of the hills were not as bad as what we've done this summer in Chappell Hill and Burton. I was SO Happy to complete the course, it really makes me feel more confident about Longhorn in 2 weeks! Ingrid and I randomly said "WOO HOO we did the Longhorn course!!" all weekend long. After the ride Ingrid and I weren't even that tired so we went to the Old Pecan Street Festival. We had a great time and we ran into Vince who works with Jeff. Jeff, Jim, Ingrid, and I met up with David and Gillian to see Tropic Thunder (again) I think we all enjoyed it even more the second time. Jim and Jeff
Gillian and David
Jeff says they are all quoting the movie constantly at work now.Sunday, Ingrid and I did a long run around Town Lake, it's a great place to run, the lake is beautiful and you can see it pretty much the entire time you're running. We did 10 miles, my legs were a little sore when we started, after the ride on Sat. but this was my last long workout before Longhorn so I wanted to finish it no matter what and I am really happy I did! After the run, we picked Jeff up and went to the Hula Hut for lunch, YUM!

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