Friday, September 5, 2008

August 31st Day 2 in Austin

Today was packet pickup and seminars for the triathlon. I also had to check my bike in and leave it at transition. I've never done a race where I had to do that before. I was a little worried about it, so I put my bike next to some super expensive bikes. My bike is nice, but I figured if someone was going to steal a bike, they'd steal the most expensive one around. Of course they had police guarding the transition area all night and I didn't hear of any problems. David, Gillian, Kim and I drove the bike course after the seminars. I was a little worried about a steep hill and about the course being really crowded and a little confusing. It was only 8 miles and we had to do 3 laps.

While I was doing all that, Jeff called and said Jim (his assistant manager) had crashed his bike. Turns out he's ok, he has a 3rd degree shoulder separation, but doesn't need surgery.

Everyone came over to my house for pre-race dinner. I think everyone had a good time, I know I did. Matt got into town just in time for packet pickup and dinner at my house. After dinner everyone left early to get plenty of sleep before the race.

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