Sunday, September 14, 2008

Hurricane Ike!

Hurricane Ike has deccimated Houston. Fortunately, all my friends and family are ok. Many of them are MISERABLE in Houston right now, no power, no water, it's 90-100 degrees and humid. They have actually enstated a curfew from 9pm to 6am for the entire city! Jeff and I chose a great time to move to Austin! We offered to let friends and family come stay with us, but only Ingrid and Chris (and Brady) came here. Tom and Judy bought a generator and decided to stay home, they live pretty far North of Houston and didn't expect any real problems. They still have no power, no stores are open, etc, Judy is flying out (she's a flight attendant) tomorrow and I think Tom will come out and stay with us for awhile. Cherie and Cullen are with family in San Antonio, they live in a mandatory evacuation zone, and I don't think they have heard any news about their house. Chris (Jeff's old boss) had a lot of damage in his area and he and his family are now staying at the Performance store because it still has power. Cassie decided to stay in Houston and start cleaning up, but I think Kim is going to come here tomorrow. We haven't heard from Matt or David and Gillian. Vicki and Tamria are fine, but both sounded pretty miserable today (no power, no water, and BORED) I haven't heard from anyone else from Tomball College.

Stay safe everyone! and if you somehow end up seeing this, please know you are still welcome to come to Austin and stay with us for awhile!

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