Saturday, May 23, 2009

Memorial Weekend Part 1

Del came to Austin for the CapTex Triathlon this weekend. He came in early Friday and did some triathlon shopping, then he picked me up from work and we went to happy hour at the Draught House with Fred. I had one beer and Del had a Coke-we're such party animals! Del got new race wheels for his bike, so he wanted to ride a little to test them out. We rode the 1 mile loop around my house a couple of times, then I decided I was too hungry to bike anymore and Del practiced his flying dismount, he did pretty well, although once or twice I was a little worried he might fall!

We had decided to go to the Hula Hut for dinner when Jeff got off work at 9, but when we got there the wait was still over 2 hours! We forgot that it was graduation night a UT, oops! So we went to the Magnolia Cafe instead.
Del and Jeff at the Magnolia Cafe
Lori and Fred at the Magnolia Cafe
Jeff and Fred got "voodoo" burgers, and the cafe was decorated in voodoo art

Saturday morning I had an early Tri Zones swim.
When we got to Decker Lake it was pretty cold (for late May in Texas anyway) Sarah G. showed up in her pink fuzzy bathrobe and fashion guru Cindy made fun of her and suggested that polka dots were a much better fashion statement!
Sarah R. and Kristen at Decker Lake

I helped some of the beginners with their swim and I was amazed at how much faster and more comfortable they were in the water after just 3 weeks since the last open water swim I helped out at. When the beginners finished swimming, I started my swim, the loop was about 400m, I swam 3 loops at first with Carolyn and Tom, then Del came out to swim too, and we swam 2 more, then Stacy came out and I swam one more loop. they swam a couple more, but I decided 2400m was enough for the morning. I'm pretty sure that's the most I've swum since before Longhorn!
Del and I at Decker Lake

After all that swimming I was starving and Del and I decided to try Hula Hut again. This time the wait was only an hour and a half, which actually isn't that bad for Hula Hut. We had some chips and queso and people, boat and dog watched while we waited. The view at the Hula Hut is awesome! There were lots of boats out on Lake Austin and lots docking at Hula Hut too. We also saw a couple of labradors on boats, they looked like they were having so much fun! I told Del, Connor and Katie would Love that!

Big metal fish in the water at the Hula Hut
Bird flower planter made of tires, these are all over on the Hula Hut patio
Del really enjoyed his enchiladas
After the Hula Hut we decided we couldn't run for awhile, so we decided to go kayaking on Town Lake, it was really fun, it was Del's firt time to kayak. I didn't take the camera since I didn't have the underwater housing. We saw 2 swans and some turtles, there were a lot of people out on lake so there wasn't as much wildlife out as Jeff and I have sometimes seen. The last 20 minutes we were kayaking, there was lots of thunder and lightning and it started raining a little, we decided to wait to run on Sunday. By the time we were finished kayaking my shoulders were starting to get tired/sore, I'm sure they'll be sore in the morning from swimming and kayaking.
On the way home we stopped at Hey Cupcake

We got home and hung out with Connor and Katie, they love Del (and he loves them too!)


Cass said...

I'm jealous of the hula hut!

Richard said...

How do you stay so skinny with all that good food?

Labs definitely do love the water!!

Maggie said...

I love your pics!!! you're so cute!

mmm, magnolia! mmm hula hut! and kayaking on town lake?? a true Austin weekend!!

Maggie said...

I think I know where to find Heather...just go to Hey Cupcake. :)