Sunday, May 17, 2009

Bike to Work Day

I was excited about Bike to Work day in Austin since I have never lived anywhere where biking to work is celebrated before. I ride my bike to work most of the time and I really enjoy it. For Bike to work day, there were about 10 or 15 breakfast stops around town and 4 of them were pretty much on my way to work. I got up a little earlier than usual so I would have time to hang out at each stop. First stop was the Peddler bike shop, I was excited about this one because I ride by the Peddler everyday and I had never stopped in before. The Texas Culinary Academy made ham and cheese breakfast pastries and homemade croissants and fruit- yum! I talked with a few people there, one girl who decided to use Bike to work day to start riding to work, and a guy who does almost my opposite commute, he lives off 51st and works near 183. A few people were admiring my bike and asked about the Brooks saddle and hand grips. One of the Austin Culinary Academy chefs told me it was a really sweet bike.
Stop 2 was the Orange Bike Project stop at Speedway and 21st. They had breakfast tacos and fruit. At this stop a couple of guys really liked the drum brakes and internally geared hub on my bike. Next stop was the parking kiosk at 24th and Whitis. All the parking attendants were giving out apples and granola bars for Bike to work breakfasts. I also signed up to win something at that stop, I’m not sure what, but maybe I’ll win and find out.
The last stop for me was Freewheeling Bicycles, I was excited about this one because I heard they were going to have Cuatros breakfast tacos, I love their regular tacos so I assumed their breakfast tacos would be yummy too. I was not disappointed. I told the people from Cuatros that they had the best breakfast tacos at Bike to work day. They asked if I had been to all the stops, unfortunately I hadn’t because I had to go to work (maybe next year). I saw my neighbor, Jim at Freewheeling too and chatted with him. The guys at Freewheeling mostly liked the teakwood rims on my bike and the fact that it’s an old steel frame. I talked with the owner of Freewheeling for a few minutes too, he seemed really happy with the turnout for Bike to work day. We decided that no one should have to work on Bike to work day so we could stop at all the stops, but then we decided that might defeat the purpose. So instead we decided Bike to work day should stay the same and there should also be National Bike Day, where no one has to work and everyone just rides their bikes around all day.


Richard said...

Since you already bike to work, shouldn't you have driven to work and honked and the people on bikes?I loved the line about unfortunately you had to go to work!!

In all seriousness, I wish riding my bike to work was a real option, but it just wouldn't be safe for me to be on those roads. So I really admire you for doing something I wish I could do.

Anonymous said...
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