Saturday, May 2, 2009

The Kindness of Tri Zoners

This morning Tri Zones had the first open water swim practice of the season out at Decker Lake (where Danskin, Longhorn and Couples tris are). I got there early to help the beginners. But as soon as I got out of the truck to say hi and figure out what was going on, I realized I had locked my keys in the truck! oops! And of course I hadn't taken anything out of the truck yet. I was wearing my swimsuit under my clothes, but my wetsuit, goggles, swim cap, phone, wallet and everything else was locked in the truck.

I eventually decided I could get someone to take me over to Performance so I could get Jeff's keys and walk home, then when Ingrid got to town we could go get the truck and then I could go do packet pickup for Skeese Greets.

I also decided I could still help the beginners, I just wouldn't be able to really do my swim after with out goggles and everything. I figured I'd be really cold just hanging out in the water without a wetsuit.

But then everyone started showing up and I got at least 20-30 offers to help me out. I really don't even know how many times people said, I have extra, goggles, swim cap, towel, etc. etc. I ended up borrowing $1 from Julie M. for park entrance fee, a swim cap from Julie W., goggles from Susan, a towel from Sandra, and food from Kenneth and Vickie.

The water wasn't even that cold without a wetsuit. We helped the beginners for about an hour and they did an awesome job! After the beginner swim, those of us who had been helping out did our swim. I had a good swim, I think I only did about 600 m or so (couldn't miss my ride!), but Decker is a really nice place to swim and I really enjoyed it.

Jenny took me to Performance and on the way I told her my plan for getting into the truck and she said, "well why don't I just bring you back to get the truck now, that way you don't have to wait for Ingrid to get here and worry about getting your packet before they close" That was awesome!

Thank you so much to everyone who offered to let borrow stuff yesterday!! I really appreciate it. and a super huge thank you to Jenny for taking me to get Jeff's keys and then driving me all the way back to Decker to get the truck! You guys are the BEST!

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Richard said...

It just goes to show you how big-hearted triathletes are!
I'm glad it worked out for you.