Thursday, May 7, 2009

First Thursday

Jeff, Jim, and I went out to First Thursday tonight, it was a beautiful evening and we had a great time! We started at Homeslice Pizza and managed to get there before it got too busy. Jim had never been to Homeslice before and of course he was really impressed with the super yummy pizza.
Jim and I near Guero's
After pizza, we walked down to Hey Cupcake and Jim got a red velvet cupcake, Jeff and I had eaten too much pizza for cupcakes. Then we walked SoCo and checked out all the stands with photos, painting, jewelry, clothes, and all kinds of other stuff. We went into lots of the shops including the Big Top Candy Shop, Jeff and I had never been there before and I'm pretty sure they had every kind of candy in the world! Jim went crazy in there! He must have said 5 times "Heather, you shouldn't have brought me in here" and ended up with a big bag of all kinds of different candy.
Jeff and I in front of Jo's Coffee. Jeff was really excited about his CAN of Shiner.
We found Vince at his Jamacian stand and talked with him.
We saw this dog with tiger stripes! The stripes looked and felt totally real, but the dog's owner said a guy near Hey Cupcake had painted them on!
We walked down to Lucy in Disguise, Jeff and Jim had never been there before and were really impressed with the number and variety of costumes, they must have over a million costumes in there. Jim and one of the workers about his age reminisced about leisure suits and platform shoes with goldfish in the heels!

Just down the street a groups of was giving out "Free Hugs" everyone walking by was hugging them and they looked like they were having so much fun! That's me holding the pink sign.
As we were walking to the car, we heard a marching band coming toward us. Jim is a drummer so of course we had to stop and watch. It wasn't actually a marching band, but a casual group of drummer playing and walking down the sidewalk.

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Richard said...

Pizza, cupcakes, candy and dogs---some of my favorite things. It sounds like a really good night was had!