Monday, October 27, 2008

Cinco Ranch Triathlon

Ingrid, Kim and I have been planning to do the Cinco Ranch Tri as a relay since early this summer. I would swim, Ingrid would bike, and Kim would run, we'd all get to do our best of the 3. We have been looking forward to it for a long time. Kim decided we should all wear matching crazy socks and when Ingrid and Kim were in Austin, we ended up getting matching "Hey Cupcake" shirts for the race too. Cinco Ranch was originally scheduled for the end of September, but after Hurricane Ike, Dave Rainey decided to reschedule to October 26.
I got in to Houston on Saturday afternoon for packet pick up and Ingrid, Chris, Kim and I went to Lisa's party that night. Kim ran 21 miles on Saturday morning in preparation for the San Antonio marathon in a few weeks. I couldn't believe she ran 21 miles and was walking around and planning to run 3 more miles at the triathlon! If you ever get invited to a party at Lisa's you should go. She had tons of food and drinks and everyone had a great time. Ingrid, Kim, Andrew, and I ate cupcakes (what's with this cupcake thing??) from Sugarbabies, YUM! When Lisa, Rosie and some of the others started doing tequila shots, we decided it was time to go home and get some sleep before the triathlon.Ingrid and I got to the race site pretty early. Kim decided to sleep in a little since she didn't have to set anything up. It was COLD Sunday morning! At packet pick up they said the water temp was 77, I figured I'd bring my wetsuit and decide if wanted to wear it. I asked the USAT official what the water temp was and he said when they measured it Saturday the sun was beating down on the surface and it was 77, but he thought the actual water temp was between 71 and 75. I said, "great, that decides it for me" He made some comment about it being a short swim (only 400m) and time taking off the wetsuit. I told him I was in a relay so I didn't have to worry about taking it off. He goes "Oh, well that's a no braniner! Go put that wetsuit on!"

Relays were the last wave to start. I didn't do a warm up swim because I didn't want to stand around wet waiting for my wave to start, I was already cold enough dry. I had to wait barefoot in just my swimsuit and wetsuit for about 45 minutes. Did I mention it was cold? (if you know me, you know I don't tolerate cold at all) I was shivering and my feet were numb! I kept telling myself the water will feel warm compared to the air, and it actually did! David and Gillian came out to watch the race and came over to say hi just before I got in the water, I gave them both a hug and David told me to "go smoke them bitches" thanks for coming out to watch guys! I got in the water and was happy it didn't feel too cold. I started swimming and it took me about 150m to warm up, too bad since the swim was only 400m, but the last half of the swim went really well, it was crowded, but for the most part I was getting around people and I was sure I had beaten my time of 11:18 from last year. I wanted to finish the swim in under 10 minutes and I knew I didn't quite make that. My swim time was 11:23, I was disappointed when I saw it, but there was a lot of talk that the swim was long...who knows...but I really did feel like I swam better than last year.
I got out of the water and ran up to transition and handed our timing chip to Ingrid, she took off and was back in about 35 minutes! The bike was 11 miles and she averaged 21.6 mph on her awesome new tri bike!
Ingrid coming in to the finish, notice the crazy socks
Kim took off running and of course we assumed she would be a little slower than normal since she ran 21 miles Saturday, but she finished in about 22 minutes! Wow! Kim said lots of people on the run commented on her crazy socks.
Kim waiting to start the run
After the race we hung out and talked to everyone, there were lots of Houston Racing people there. Steph had a great swim! Luanna had a good race too. Jess and Max had a great race, Stacy had a good swim. I think everyone I talked with had a good race.
Max, Ingrid and me
We waited for the awards ceremony, we'd been hoping all along that we could win the female relay division. All summer we've been saying "we have to be fast at Cinco, it's our only chance at hardware!" We were super happy when Dave Rainey announced us as the 1st place female relay team! Woohoo!!! We ran up and got our plaques and got pictures taken. Of course Dave was laughing at us all excited in our matching crazy socks and shirts. Jess and Max also got first place in the 2 person relay division. Congratulations team JIMMY!
We all decided we want to hang our plaques up in our houses or offices with a picture of all of us from the race. We have been talking about this race all summer and how much fun it would be. It was even more fun than I expected it to be!

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