Monday, October 6, 2008

Longhorn Pre-race

I have been so excited about Longhorn for so long! I couldn't wait for Kim to get to town on Friday so we could go to packet pickup. We got there right when it started and the lines were really long. We got our packets, and looked at the expo, then we took Kim to get a cupcake at Hey Cupcake. By the time we dropped Kim off, Ingrid and Chris were already at our house, so we got home and went to North X Northwest for dinner. Lisa and Thomas came to dinner too. We had a great time. Ingrid and Chris stayed with us Friday night.
We got up on Saturday morning and went to the pancake breakfast at Jack and Adam's Bicycles. I thought it was great of them to host a free pancake breakfast for everyone.
We had about an hour of just hanging around before Jeff and Chris went to a bike garage sale and Ingrid and I went to the pro-panel. I'm glad it wasn't any longer without things to do. I loaded my bike in the truck and we went to the pro panel and then the pre-race meeting. It was really cool to see the pros and listen to their strategies. The pros at the pro panel
At the pre-race meeting Keith announced that the swim would be wetsuit legal, I was shocked, I expected the water temperature to be in the upper 80's but he said the official measurement was 78. No big deal for me, I only wear my wetsuit when it's cold, but a lot of people like to wear them for extra bouancy. Ingrid only likes to do wetsuit leagal races, so I think she was a little sad that she had decided not to do Longhorn. Keith Jordan at the pre-race meeting
As soon as the meeting was over we went out to the lake to check in our bikes. Kim and I put our bikes in transition and Jeff, Ingrid, and Chris set up the HRTC tailgating area. I went for a short swim too. I felt like the water temperature was just about perfect. Putting my bike in the transition area
Decker Lake
The HRTC tailgating area sign

We got home and started cooking for the pre-race dinner. Jeff and Chris were in charge of the chicken and Kim and Ingrid were a huge help with everything else. I felt like I barely had to do anything. Thanks for all your help guys!
Jeff cooking chicken
Ingrid even did some chalk art in the street in front of our house it says Longhorn 70.3 with swimmers bikers and runners. and a big longhorn head.
We put some of the race signs out in the yard
Our neighbors Jim and Sarah, and Cassie, Penny and John
Matt and Ingrid
I think we ended up having 22 people here for dinner. It was so much fun! I'm really glad we did it, it kept my mind off counting the minutes until the race.
Chris, Loanna, Steph, and Ross
Thomas, Lisa, and Rosie
Kim eating her pre-race cupcake
We ordered cupcakes from Hey Cupcake for dessert. We wanted whipper snappers but they couldn't do that ahead of time, so we got some rediwhip to make them ourselves. I think the highlight of the night was Chris making whipper snappers! He was hilarious and I think a few people ended up with more whipped cream than cupcake.

Loanna had a Whipper Snapper blow out!
David and Gillian got in a little late because Gillian had to work Saturday. Gillian showed up, ate a little, then did all the dishes! Thanks so much Gillian! I hate doing dishes.
Gillian and Ingrid eating whipper snapper cupcakes
Larry got in a little later too and stayed at our house Saturday night.

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