Saturday, October 30, 2010

P-ville Century

Sandra and I needed to do another long ride and I wanted to make it fun, so I decided we should do 4 laps of the Hell Ain't This Hot course and invite all our Tri Zones friends to join us. I figured if we were lucky we might get different people for each lap which would really keep it interesting.

On the way to P-ville I saw tons of police cars, fire trucks and there was traffic at 6:45 on a Saturday! I had no idea what was going on, but soon got a call from Amy B. She told me she and others were stuck in traffic because a tanker truck crashed and caught on fire- YIKES! Luckily everyone make it to P-ville, a little late, but safe. It was also super COLD! 39 degrees!! So I was bundled up like an Eskimo! Sandra and I waited until everyone looked ready to ride and then took off, assuming everyone would follow right behind us- we were wrong. We kept thinking they would catch us any minute but we never saw Tom, Amy B., Laura, or Leah. I was sad that we didn't get to ride with them, I was really looking forward to Amy, Laura and Leah's awesome company! Especially since I have never ridden with Amy or Leah and every time I ride with Laura she keeps me highly entertained!

I was cold most of the first loop but not excruciatingly so. I don't think I whined to Sandra too much. We were riding along on Manda Carlson (before the wind picked up) and I heard a noise, looked behind us and saw a dog chasing us! We sped up, but the dog kept following! At first it was scary, but soon we realized the dog had no interest in biting us, she just wanted to follow us. I didn't want to give her attention because I assumed it would make her more likely to chase bikes or even cars, so we kept going. She followed us for over 2 miles!! Later, Tom, Amy, Laura, and Leah saw her too and Tom and Carolyn decided to adopt her! How cool is that!!

We got back to the parking lot and had Kim H., Little Pam, Jeff, Clint, and his friend Brent waiting to ride with us- cool! I took off with Kim, Clint and Brent. The wind was already picking up, but at least I wasn't freezing anymore! Clint and I chatted and I told him who I was since I wasn't sure if he remembered me. He said "oh yeah, I know you, I just didn't recognize you in the ninja mask!" LOL yeah, it was that cold even on lap 2! I rode most of the first half of lap 2 with Kim and we talked all about Ironman training, then the second half I rode with Little Pam and Jeff. I told Jeff I was going to be really tired of the wind by lap 4, he replied "maybe the wind will get tired of you first!" I wish!!

For lap 3 we had Kendra, Peggy, and Jody waiting for us and Little Pam and Jeff again. I rode part of lap 3 with Kendra and Peggy and then the rest with Sandra. Sandra and I had new fun things to talk about since we hadn't ridden together in a lap and a half. I was definitely getting tired of the wind, but still having a good ride. Catherine finished up lap 3 with me.

Sandra decided she was going to have to skip out a little early to get some work done (party pooper!, but I love you anyway Sandra!!) So we decided to make "lap 4" 2 laps of Coach Jen's time trial route so that Sandra could do 1 lap, not have to ride it alone, and be finished 45 minutes or so earlier. For lap 4 we had the "dream team" of Coach Cindy, Kendra, and Elizabeth H. The Dream Team- Kendra, Elizabeth, & Coach Cindy

E-beth has a sprained ankle and was really worried about unclipping so she was super excited when I told her we switched the route to the TT loop and there were no stop signs and all right turns so no unclipping til the end! They kept me chatting and laughing the entire time and even the hills and head wind on Cameron Rd didn't seem that bad, (ok, it was still tough, but made seriously better by good company!) We decided Coach Cindy needs her own fashion TV show and episode 1 will be "Roadside Underpants", episode 2 is "Topless Chapstick", and episode 3 "Antarctic Polar Sunglasses" I know you had to be there, but it was seriously entertaining at the time! Cindy's "Antarctic Polar Sunglasses" Very fashionable!

At one point, Kendra and E-beth fell behind, when Kendra finally caught up I asked what happened, she said they slowed down on purpose to make me feel really fast! LOL! I yelled out "100 miles" when my Garmin hit 100 and they all cheered for me like only Tri Zoners can!! I ended up riding 103 miles! And I think it was my most fun century ride yet!Still smiling after 103 miles!

THANK YOU so much to everyone who came out to ride with Sandra and I today! We really, really appreciate it!! You all ROCK!!!


Shayla said...

Sounds like ya'll had a good time! I'm so glad I wasn't there with that dog following ya'll for so long. I would have freaked out, for sure!! I did think about you when I was nestled up on my couch with a comforter watching TV early Saturday morning. :)

Ingrid said...

The absolute best way to do a century ride, no doubt. TriZones Rocks! Way to Go Heather and Sandra!