Saturday, October 2, 2010

Austin Fun Recovery Weekend

What a fun Saturday! I couldn't sleep in so I got up early and did my 1 hour recovery run in my neighborhood on part of the marathon route before the sun came up. I took Jeff to work & got my hair cut then Del and I went to Red's Painting Party. Hermine flooded Red's house and I had been feeling bad that I couldn't help with anything (tearing down drywall, hanging drywall, clean up days when I was working...) But she scheduled the painting party for my recovery weekend!
Julie & Kristen painting the kitchenEmmie painting Kristen!
Vanessa seriously knew how to paint!! Me not so much, I mean I can pick up a roller and paint an open wall, but trim work and stuff I'm not so good at. But I quickly found my niche! Mimosa making!!!
Nydia, Kristen, & Annette enjoying some mimosasAt one point they made fun of me for "holding a paint roller in one hand and a mimosa in the other" I made 4 bottles of champagne worth of mimosas for everyone!
Nydia getting the tough spots close to the ceiling
Red's comment to this picture "Now I understand why that wall took 4 gallons of paint!" Even with LOTS of mimosas Red's entire house was painted in less than 6 hours. I never thought painting someone's house could be so much fun!

We decided on Hula Hut for dinner. Del called to see how long we'd have to wait- no wait because most people were watching the UT football game- perfect timing for us!
Del at Hula Hut

Then we went over to Mayfield Park to see if we could see any baby peacock chicks. Jeff and I had seen these babies with their mom a few weeks ago.
We saw just this one baby chick today, but it's a lot bigger than when we saw them a few weeks agoNext it was up to Mount Bonnell for sunset
I'm not sure how after all the time he's spent in Austin Del had never seen a sunset at Mount Bonnell before last night!
Watching the sun set
Del got this cool picture of Jeff and I with the sun rays coming in from the side.

Sunday morning Jeff, Del and I did a recovery bike ride on Shoal Creek, it was pretty cold (I wore my long sleeved fleece lined jersey) and windy, but still a really nice ride. Then Del and I had brunch at Trudy's- Yum! What a great weekend!

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