Monday, October 18, 2010

Longhorn weekend

When Adrian got the new coach, he told Jeff and I that he wanted to use it as much as possible, so I suggested we take it out to Decker for Longhorn and just stay out there all weekend. He thought that was a great idea, and wanted it to be at the Tri Zones Team Tailgating area, so I got all the oks to have a huge motor home out there and Jeff and Adrian took it out there on Friday while I was still at work. I got out there around 6pm after they had done all the hard work! We picked up our race packets and within an hour the Expo area was pretty much deserted. It was really cool to be out there by ourselves, we let the dogs run and play and watched Office Space on the outdoor TV.
Saturday morning Jeff had to go to work for a few hours and Adrian and I did our short pre-race workouts. Kendra was first to show up and Julie and Sandra were just behind her. They all wanted the pancake breakfast, I knew that was a really bad idea for me and Adrian was making eggs, veggie sausage, avocado & fruit so I had that- YUM! Definitely going to be my Saturday pre-race breakfast in the future!
Kendra, Sandra, Julie, & Amy all came back after the pancake breakfast and hung out for awhile.
Kendra, Amy, & Adrian relaxing at the coach. It was a completely lazy day! We sat around in the cool coach chairs with our feet up ALL day! Most of the Tri Zoners who would be racing stopped by. The expo area stayed pretty crowded all day with people picking up packets and everything and we were just off the main walk way to the expo center. We had fun people watching all day and that definitely went both ways. Tons of people actually stopped and stared at us! At one point Adrian said "this must be how zoo animals feel" haha! Funny but true! It was so nice to not have to worry about timing packet pickup, lunch, bike check in, dinner and everything else, we were right there! When we got hungry we went inside and ate something, when it was time to exchange shirts I just walked over and did it in less than 10 minutes.

We decided to go over and check our bikes in around 4:30, I knew bike check in was open until 7, but we wanted to do it before dinner. We drove the Xterra the mile or 2 to T1 so we wouldn't have to walk all the way back. I was surprised that I got a really sweet parking spot. We were leisurely walking our bikes toward check in when some guy said "be prepared for a lecture" I said "what?" he said "for being LATE!" I was completely confused. But when we got over to check in Carolyn and all the other Tri Zoners were pointing at their watches and saying things like "it's about time!" "we wondered where you guys were!" Apparently bike check in actually closed at 4:30! I would have sworn it was 7! Guess I better read the packet more carefully in Cozumel since it won't be Carolyn and all my Tri Zones friends in charge of bike check in there!! I felt really bad because I know Carolyn and everyone had been out there ALL day and I was one of THOSE people making them stay later than they needed too- SORRY guys!

Back at the coach, we had dinner and hung out with Carolyn, Tom, Del, and Kristen, then watched the stars and played with the dogs until bedtime.
Bonzai being a lap dog
Katie being a lap dog
Connor chillin' out
Abear being silly

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