Sunday, May 23, 2010

Bike to Work Day

I love Bike to Work Day in Austin! I had fun last year and planned this year to be even better! Kendra and Linda were going to ride with me and we planned to stop at The Peddler, Thunderbird Coffee on Manor, Freewheeling, Mellow Johnnies, and City Hall. I even took an hour of vacation time so I'd have more time to hang out and have fun.

We left my house a little after 6:30 and got to The Peddler before 7, they hadn't even finished getting the food ready yet, but it was worth the wait! The Austin Culinary Academy made eggs, bacon, and potatoes all very yummy!Guys from the Culinary Academy serving up breakfast

Kendra, Linda and I at The Peddler
We hung out, ate and drank coffee, then decided it was time for the next stop. Walked over to my bike and saw that my front tire was flat- crap! My tires are really tough to get off and on, so I knew this would take awhile.
Working hard to get my tire off the rim- I'm not even smiling!! The guys from The Peddler were super nice and offered to change it for me at least twice. I found a piece of glass in the tire from our Thursday hill repeats, there was a ton of glass on the road out there. I knew if we rushed we could still make all the stops, but I wanted a leisurely Bike to Work Day especially after hill repeats the night before and the Tour de Cure on Saturday and Sunday. So I decided to skip Mellow Johnnies and City Hall and let Kendra and Linda do those on their own.

On to Thunderbird Coffee, crossing I35 was actually pretty easy, they have a nice bike lane on Dean Keaton/Manor that I hadn't ridden before.
Linda, Kendra and I at Thunderbird

More coffee and breakfast tacos here, we hung out awhile and then went on to Freewheeling.
Linda, me, and Kendra at Freewheeling

More coffee-yeah it was almost like the Tour de Bean, I had almost 3 cups of coffee and was wired by the time I got to work! and more breakfast tacos. We talked with the owner of Freewheeling, he's a pretty cool guy. Then the KXAN news van pulled up. The reporter was looking for someone to interview and Kendra said "you should interview her (pointing to me) she rides to work a lot" So he came over and interviewed us.

Here's the segment that was on the news that day.

After the interview it was getting close to 9 so I headed back to campus and work while Kendra and Linda went to Mellow Johnnies.

Another very fun Bike to Work Day even with a flat tire!

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Richard said...

Looks like an awesome morning--even with the flat, congrats on the TV appearance!