Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Spectating at Skeese Greets

Tri Zones at Skeese Greets Photo by Tom Marek
I had a Skeese Greets pre-race dinner as a fundraiser for my Tour de Cure (which is this weekend!). As always pre-race dinner was a ton of fun, and again I forgot to take any pictures! I had a great time talking and laughing with everyone!

I got to the ski ranch around 7:30 and found Kelly and her husband in the parking lot. As soon as we walked through the ski ranch gate there were Tri Zoners everywhere! Every time I turned around I saw another Tri Zoner to hug and wish luck! One of the first people I ran into was Katherine Mudge who was doing her very first tri that day! She introduced me to her daughter and son and showed me the shirts they had made. They all said different things on the front like "Momma Mudge making triathlons sexier since 2010" and "if it were easy they'd call it basketball" worn by her basketball coach son! How fun and what an awesome support crew!!
Katherine and her support crew photo by Tom Marek
I also saw Theresa who had been pretty nervous about her very first tri at the swim on Saturday. She looked great! She introduced me to her husband who made this awesome sign! and her son who had a special made Tri Zones shirt- another awesome support crew!Theresa's awesome sign Photo by Tom Marek

I wished everyone I could find good luck then headed over to the swim exit to watch for my Tri Zoners and cheer like "the Crazy Cowbell Lady" as Ingrid says!
Watching intently for the next Tri Zoner out of the water photo by Tom Marek

There must be a Tri Zoner coming by! photo by Tom Marek. I cheered for everyone else too, but probably not as enthusiastically.
Stacey H., Carolyn, and Coach Gina hung out with me at swim exit too. Photo by Tom Marek
We waited and cheered the very last person out of the water (not a Tri Zoner). Then Stacey, Bonnie, and I headed over to the bike finish. Everyone looked awesome finishing the bike! I didn't realize Theresa had gotten a new bike, it looked pretty and zippy out there! Annette looked SO happy to be racing, she zoomed by us on Buzz and scared the volunteers she was coming to the dismount line so fast! We thought Jody might be the last person to finish the bike (she was one of the very last people to start) but she wasn't last by a long way! But we went over to transition to cheer her out onto the run.
Bonnie and I at transition photo by Tom Marek

Then we headed to the finish line to watch lots of new Tri Zoners become triathletes! very cool! We missed a lot of our fastest athletes finishing, but we got to see most of the beginners finish.
Kendra, Diana, the bunny (who still needs a name) and me cheering at the finish. photo by Tom Marek
Tom Marek our favorite Tri Zones photographer! Photo by ?? Ed Sparks I assume, who also took lots of awesome pictures out there! Ed works for KVUE and has been known to post race pictures to their website.

I was really impressed with the number of friends and family who came out to spectate for our Tri Zoners at Skeese, it seems like almost everyone had a great support crew out there. And how fun to finish your first tri to the cheering of your friends, family and lots of other Tri Zoners! I had a great time and it was just awesome to see how strong everyone looked during the race and how happy everyone looked during and after the race!

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