Thursday, November 24, 2016

Quintana Roo's Turkey Trot Report

Hi, Q. Roo here, I sneaked into the office while my mom & dad are cooking food for Thanksgiving. After my Rescue Run, my mom said if I could train up to 5 miles, I could do the Turkey Trot. Well, I've already done 8, so 5 was no big deal. And I was super excited to chase the turkeys!!

We had to go to Georgetown because Austin said they didn't want dogs to run, seems silly to me, but I like riding in the car so I didn't mind. Plus my mom's friend Debbi decided to come run with us! I love Debbi! My mom has a lot of cool friends, but I think Debbi is my favorite! She brings me treats sometimes and she always talks to me and loves on me.
Before the race, me giving Debbi a kiss
and this is our silly faces picture

We got there and it was so exciting! Lots of people, and lots of other dogs waiting to run. I'm not very good at waiting, I just get so excited! But I tried really hard to be good, I know my mom doesn't like it when I go over to other dogs or jump on people, so I tried hard to sit by her and wait for the run. I got to meet my mom's friends Gayla and Peylin, and lots of other people petted me while we waited.
This poor dog was dressed like a turkey, I'm glad my mom didn't dress me up like a turkey!
Gayla and my mom and me
Finally we got to start running! My mom and Debbi ran kinda slow, so I tried to pull them along. We ran by lots of parks and I looked for squirrels in all of them. Then we ran over a really pretty river. Right after that, I heard some birds! They sounded like turkeys, so I turned and tried to go toward them. My mom said "No Roo, come on" so I tried to tell her, the turkeys are this way, and it's the TURKEY TROT, so we're SUPPOSED to chase the TURKEYS!!! But she didn't understand and I missed my opportunity to chase the turkeys. oh well, maybe next year.

The rest of the run was fun, and after we finished the nice lady giving out food said "would your dog like a bagel?" so my mom gave me a bagel with peanut butter! Yum!! I had a lot of fun and I hope I get to do the Turkey Trot again next year. I just hope my mom figures out that it's a TURKEY TROT and we're SUPPOSED to CHASE THE TURKEYS!!!
Debbi and my mom and me after the run

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