Friday, December 18, 2015

Gran Fondo NY Cozumel 2015

When Jeff and I saw ads for a Gran Fondo in Cozumel the week before Ironman, we knew we wanted to do it! What a great way to ride around the island with a little less pressure than Ironman and for Jeff and I to get to ride together!

I don't think either of us realized how many people would be participating, I think the final count was 1800 riders! wow! We got to the start line early (a little too early maybe) and waited...and waited...and waited.
Jeff napping while waiting for the start
Jeff and I waiting for the start
almst GO time :)
 We both decided to do the 50 mile route (options were 50 or 100 miles). So we started after the 100 mile riders and with SO many people crowded together, I wanted to wait until the crazy masses had started before I took off (no need to flop over at the start of a fun ride and get hurt the week before Ironman!). So we waited some more, and by the time we started I really had to use the restroom, so we stopped at the very first aid station, about 1.5 miles into the ride. By the time we got moving again, I was sure we were the LAST people riding. Oh well, at least we got to pass lots of people. The weather was gorgeous, and I felt great riding, and Jeff and I were having fun!

We got to the next aid station at mile 18 at Punta Sur, that's were the crazy headwind usually starts. And where the "King of the Wind" competition starts!
King of the Wind start
Considering I thought we were "last" there were still tons of people hanging out at the Punta Sur aid station.
Punta Sur aid station
view from the aid station

 We started riding again and I told Jeff, this is where the wind starts! But we didn't feel any wind...seriously, none at all! Even though this was the "tough part" of the course, I was still holding about 15mph at an easy "joy riding" pace. That just made it even more fun!! I pointed out places where there are usually seaweed signs during Ironman. I showed Jeff the black paint marks on the road that mark every turtle nest counted. We enjoyed the beautiful scenery and just had a great time. Soon we got to Mescalito's and the next aid station at mile 30. It was so much fun to stop and take pictures and really enjoy the gorgeous beach!
photo ops at Mescalito's
photo ops at Mescalito's

We turned and started heading back toward town, and when we got closer, there were lots of spectators out for us! I hadn't expected that! A couple of school bands played for us, and we got to hear "Si Se Puede" from spectators. So much FUN!! We headed North of town where I had never ridden before and around mile 40 I was sad that it would be over soon, it was such a pretty day, I felt so great, and I wanted to keep going. I thought maybe Jeff would decide to do 100, but I knew I couldn't with Ironman in one week. In the end, Jeff decided 50 was plenty for him, so we finished together, got our medals and a picture with the GFNY sign and the Mayan warriors.

This was one of my all time favorite rides and I could only hope Ironman day would have exactly the same weather.....

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