Friday, November 13, 2015

Training vs. Natural Talent

We had a Tri Zones dinner last night to celebrate the Ironman Florida participants and send off the Ironman Cozumel athletes. I was talking with Mohamed and he suggested we race head to head at Cozumel since my goal time is right around his Florida finish time. And with a rolling start (instead of mass or age group start) this year, we can start together, especially since our swim times should be about the same. I loved the idea!!

This will be an interesting "race" because Mohamed has tons of natural talent and sadly, I have no natural talent. But I have trained really hard and well this year. And Mohamed has had other priorities and hasn't done much training. (must be nice to pull off a 14:26 Ironman with very little training) So we decided our race will be a test of "Training vs. Natural Talent"

Mohamed's best Ironman was Beach to Battleship in 2014- 12:52
My best Ironman was Cozumel in 2010- 15:23

It may seem like an unfair fight based on those numbers and Jen suggested I should get an hour handicap, but I say no way, straight up head to head is more fun and more motivating!

You can follow us both here on Nov. 29th Mohamed's number is 762 and mine is 756.

Of course Mohamed and I are friends, so we'll use our race mostly for fun and motivation. I hope we both have great races with no issues... and I hope I can beat him by a few minutes :)

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