Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Ironman Cozumel Pre-race

We got to Cozumel on Monday and this was the view from our balcony, so happy to be in Cozumel!
Ironman signs everywhere!

Since we were there so early Jeff and I went diving on Tuesday. We walked into the dive shop and one of the ladies said "good morning Heather. Are you ready for the Ironman again this year?" I hadn't seen her since last year, I couldn't believe she remembered me! It's really awesome how nice people are in Cozumel!

Just keep swimming!
arrow crab up close
shark just for Kristen!

Our dive boat at the Aqua Safari pier, right across the street from the hotel. One of our divemasters was very excited that I was going to be racing. He asked my number and what color "bike shirt" I'd be wearing so he could watch for me.
gray angelfish looking at me

On Wednesday we went to the Cozumel museum, we've always wanted to go, but never did until now. It was really interesting.
Mayan artifacts
Then on Thursday it was time to get ready for Ironman!
banner at our hotel

Unfortunately, Jeff woke up on Thursday feeling like he was getting a cold. We walked over to the Mega and got him some Mexican drugs and I started pumping myself full of vitamin C, EmergenC, lysine and using hand sanitizer like crazy hoping I could avoid getting what he had.

He didn't feel too bad, so he came over to packet pickup with me
packet pickup, I'm #1333, seems like a good number
Love my new jacket too
and they have the hat I wanted so much last year- so happy! (last year they had similar black visors, but I don't wear visors and they didn't have good hats)
found Mohamed in the crowd
Del set up a coffee date at Starbucks with pro triathlete Sonja Tajsich. She and her husband Thomas are super nice and we sat and talked with them for over 2 hours!

Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday were pretty low key, lots of resting, so Friday felt like a busy day with practice swimming, meeting the Austin sherpas, athlete meeting, and gear bag packing.
Del and I went practice swimming at Chankanaab Friday morning, check out his new swimsuit!

Then I went back to the hotel to meet Kristen, Linda, Katherine, and Melissa my official IronSherpas!
Kristen gave me a gift as soon as they got in. It was the coolest thing ever! A book of inspirations from all my friends! Thank you so much to everyone who contributed!

My sherpas were hungry after traveling so we headed out to the 2 for 1 margarita place.
Jeff came to lunch with us, but he wasn't feeling good.
The sherpas started with some margaritas
then had some more! They had food too, I promise!
while they were drinking, I started reading THE BOOK.

We dropped Jeff off for a nap and the rest of us headed over to the athlete meeting.
Kristen, Linda, Kim, Mohamed, me, and Melissa after the athlete meeting. Next was the expo, when Jeff and I went on Thursday they were still setting up, so we thought there wasn't much there, but when we went after the meeting there was a lot more cool stuff.
Linda, Kristen, and Katherine bought cool tri necklaces
Linda checking out the Ironman jersey
Kristen with her new swim, bike, run shot glasses
Friday dinner was at Del Sur Argentina Empanadas- Yum!

My throat was a little sore when I woke up on Saturday. I still felt fine, so I hoped it was just from taking in salt water swimming or from laughing and talking with the sherpas.
Saturday morning, getting back from my last pre-race run, and I saw a rainbow!
Linda and I with the rainbow.

We went out to Chankanaab for one last short practice swim
Katherine, Ingrid, me, Kristen, and Linda on the pier at Chankanaab
Linda, Katherine, Kristen and me swimming

After a short swim, we relaxed at Chankanaab for awhile
dolphin at Chankanaab
Chankanaab Lagoon

We had a long relaxing Italian lunch at Sorrisi, I had soup and risotto and I felt like it was a perfect pre-race lunch.

Then it was time for gear bag and bike drop off, and body marking.
gear bags ready to go!
Spinnaker ready to go!
taking my gear bags to the drop offs
I'm #1333
We saw this car on the way back from transition!

Then it was nap time for me while the sherpas went to the store, based on the pictures and stories I kinda wish I had gone with them! When they came back and I saw this:all I could say was "what were you thinking?? Are you moving in now?"

Pre-race dinner was at La Mission, same as last year, it worked well last year so I figured why change. Katherine ordered Sexy Coffee for dessert and it definitely wins the Best Food Presentation Award. There was lots of alcohol and fire involved!The Sexy Coffee set up, the video is much better, but it's about 8 minutes long.

After all the rumors that Coach Cindy was coming to Cozumel, I knew she might make an appearance at some point. She came over to give me a pre-race pep talk and say good night! LOL!
Cindy saying good night!

I went to bed about 8:45 and fell asleep right away, but I woke up at 10:30 because I couldn't breathe my nose and head were so congested, and my throat hurt worse- oh no!! I had a really hard time sleeping after that, my nose was super stuffy and of course I was worried. I think I only got about 3 or 4 hours of sleep.


Richard said...

Looks like a lot of fun, at least other than the being sick part. I'm looking forward to reading the race report.

Monica said...

OHH EMM GEE. You got that close to a shark?! Color me impressed. I'm a big scardy cat, though.

Your trip looks amazing! You're making me want to go to Cozumel. Can't wait to read the next part! I hope the cold wasn't TOO terrible. haha.

PS - love the Coach Cindy cutout. :) You know those would sell like hotcakes in Austin!