Wednesday, November 9, 2011

2nd Annual P-ville Century

I enjoyed the Pflugerville looped century ride so much last year that I thought it would be fun to repeat it this year. So I posted it on facebook, and got quite a few friends to come out and ride. Maggie emailed and asked if she could bring a couple of friends- umm yeah, Of course!!!

Just like last year, ride morning was the first really cold morning of the year. I really hate being cold so I wasn't too happy about it, but I put on all my clothes and decided it would be ok. For lap 1 it was Denise and Charles (some of Maggie's friends, there were way more than "a couple" :) ), Nydia, JoAnne, Jeff, Kim, and me. Denise and Charles took off right away, but I had a lot of trouble warming up, my legs felt stiff and I was really cold. I was getting discouraged, but Kim & Jeff did a great job of cheering me up and keeping my mind off the cold.

Lap 2 was Mohamed, Jenny, Jill, Gayla, Maggie and her entourage (Kathleen, Becca, Alisa). I had a great lap 2, it was still cold, but the sun was out and I felt much better! It was fun to ride in a big group and everyone chatted along the way- it wasn't even very windy- yet. At the end of lap 2 Alisa pulled out her Magic Pumpkin Bars, they were yummy and great fuel for the rest of my ride- Thanks Alisa!The lap 2 group, with Alisa's Magic Pumpkin Bars!

Lap 3 was Mohamed, Annette, me, and Jenny and Gayla for just a few miles. At the beginning of lap 3 Annette had some issues with her gearing and I got worried she might have to bail, but she got it worked out and I really enjoyed her company! The wind was picking up so we couldn't talk as much. Did I mention this ride was on Halloween weekend? After turning a corner onto Cameron Rd (I know, everything is Cameron Rd in P-ville) I passed a car with a life-sized doll with a Zombie head hanging out of the backseat window! It seriously startled me, but then I laughed. I tried to ask Annette if she had seen it, but the wind had picked up and she didn't hear me, somehow she hadn't seen it. At the end of lap 3 Maggie was still hanging out at Lake P-ville, she had locked her keys in her car, so she made the best of it and decided to be cheerleader extraordinaire! She put fun encouraging sticky notes on my car and cheered us in when we finished.

For lap 4 we did 2 laps of Coach Jen's time trial route, it was Mohamed, Camilla, Jeff, and me. It was definitely getting windier and my legs were getting tired, but it was fun to ride with Camilla since I hadn't seen her in awhile. And Jeff and I found the Kuempel-Murchison House where Elvis and Annabelle was filmed. Maggie got her keys out of the car and drove out to cheer us on some more! And she was even back at the lake when we finished!
Me, Denise, and Charles after finishing 100 miles!

After the ride I ran a lap around the lake with Mohamed.

A HUGE THANK YOU to everyone who came out to ride!!! I really appreciate it, these long rides could easily get boring and lonely, but instead you all make them fun!

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