Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Zilker Kite Festival

I wanted to go to the Zilker Kite Festival the last 2 years, and missed it both years. I thought it was March 13th this year, so when Ingrid texted Del about traffic on Barton Springs due to the kite festival, I immediately changed plans and decided to go (my only plan before that was a short afternoon bike ride). Del decided to come with me and so did Shayla and Kendra. First we had brunch at Romeo's then walked over to Zilker Park discussing whether it was really windy enough to fly kites.
It didn't seem very windy, but there were definitely lots of kites in the air, and lots of people on the ground! None of us had kites and I thought I'd be happy to just watch and take pictures, but after we got there I really wanted to fly a kite! They had stands to buy kites, but they were expensive! Soon I found an abandoned Star Wars kite, it's string was completely tangled, so I tried to untangle it and wrap the string around Del's yogurt spoon (my dad would be proud), it worked fairly well, the only problem was with all the tangles the string was too short. It was definitely fun trying to fly it!
Del decided if I could find an abandoned kite, he could too, his was cooler than mine, but eventually the owner asked for it back- oops!
This was a really cool kite, a helicopter with twirly tails
I had good luck with abandoned kites, I found this blue one that flew a lot better than the Star Wars kite, I actually got it high enough to have all the string out a couple of times.
The wind was definitely sporadic, at times there were tons of kites in the air and at other times Kendra or Shayla would tell me, "there's no wind, you can't fly it now, look around there are no kites in the air"
They had all kinds of homemade kite competitions that I wanted to watch, but we were having fun trying to fly our found kites and we never went over to watch the competitions.
Kendra with the Star Wars kite, I think she's trying to look tough like whatever character is on the kite.
Shayla flying the blue kite
Kendra, Del, me, and Shayla with our found kites. It was a beautiful day and we had a great time. I definitely want to go again next year and Jeff really wants to go too, maybe we'll even make a kite for a competition.

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md said...

that looks like a great day!! love the kite festival! you're funny flying abandoned kites, and now I want to fly a kite.