Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Turkey Tacos 2011

We're going back for Ironman Cozumel 2011!!

When I told Jeff I would "definitely" do another Ironman right after Ironman Cozumel 2010, I didn't really consider whether I'd want to do an Ironman race again in 2011, but I definitely do!

I asked Jeff if he wanted to go back to Cozumel, he said "of course! but is there a different Ironman race you'd want to do this year" No, I think it will be hard to beat the Ironman Cozumel experience. Of course I'd love to do Austria, Brazil, and New Zealand at some point (and I'd love to do a Rev3 iron distance race if they ever do one somewhere cool like Costa Rica), but this year I'm 100% happy to go back to Cozumel.

Jeff also asked "will you be upset if a storm comes in and you have horrible wind on race day?" No, I know I'm taking that chance in Cozumel in November and as long as I finish I'll be super happy, and even if I don't, I'll be disappointed, but I don't think I'll be devastated like I would have been last year.
I just hope I have as much fun this year as I did last year. I still can't believe how much FUN I had racing Ironman Cozumel! Based on that, I think my goals will be the same this year as last year.

Goals for Ironman Cozumel 2011
1. to finish!
2. to have fun and take it all in!

Of course I would love a PR, but there are so many things to consider and so many things you can't control in such a long race and they pretty much all went really well for me last year, so I'm happy to just train hard, hope for the best, and see what race day brings.


Richard said...

Good luck with IM Cozumel 2011! I hope it is everything you hope for in a race event. I look forward to tracking your training progress as the race date nears.

shubbe said...

Yay, Ironman#2! So excited for you!