Saturday, February 27, 2010

Le Tour de Bean

Shayla, Kendra, me, Red, Elizabeth, Monica, and Kristen at Jack & Adam's starting Le Tour de Bean

On Friday Kendra talked Shayla and I into doing the Tour de Bean, a 10 mile downtown ride stopping at 4 local coffee shops. I suggested riding from my house down to Jack & Adam's, doing the ride, then riding back to my house to get in a little more mileage. Kristen decided to join us too.

They showed up at my house right on time, but then Kendra got a flat, after she changed it and we got going, I was worried we'd be late. We had a really nice ride down to J&A's and pulled into the parking lot at 8:29- perfect timing! There were probably about 30 people there for the ride. We met Elizabeth, Monica, and Red there- Tri Zones was well represented!

They gave us maps and said we'd start by going up Dawson, I thought that was a super steep hill and got everyone all worked up about it only to realize that it wasn't steep at all, Monica said I was thinking of Bouldin- oops!

First stop was Once Over Coffee on South First, I had a "winter warmer" some kind of coffee drink with milk and cinnamon- yum!
Monica at Once Over Coffee
Once Over also has a really cute patio

We left Once Over and flew down Congress and across I35-yikes! to Progress Coffee. I had regular coffee there and shared a pastry with Red and Kristen. Shayla took this video
I think it's pretty obvious in the video that I'm already hyped up on caffeine! One cup of coffee is probably the most I've ever had in one day before today.
Kristen, me, Red, Monica, and Elizabeth at Progress
Elizabeth got some kind of sandwich, I'm not sure what it was but she shared and it was yummy!
Kristen with her tea?? at Progress, this is also where Kristen claimed "I think I was born with a callused ass!" I think this is a good thing because she can ride all day without her ass getting sore! I wish I had a callused ass too.

Then we rode up 6th Street and West Lynn to Cafe Medici, and of course I had more coffee, Kristen and Kendra decided I needed to be cut off at that point!
They do pretty leaf patterns in their drinks.
At Cafe Medici

Then we went back down toward Lift Cafe (home of the Bacon Latte), this is really the only time I didn't really know where I was going, but somehow Kendra and I ended up leading the whole group!
Kristen and Monica at Lift. Monica had an "Elvis on Crack" smoothie
me, Kendra, and Elizabeth at Lift

I had almond milk hot cocoa at Lift- yum! Apparently Lift had a special going for us- $2 mimosas! But I didn't hear about that until we were getting ready to leave- not that I needed alcohol on top of all that caffeine!
the service at Lift is always great and when I asked the guys if I could get a picture they really hammed it up for me!

We rode back to my house and Kendra and I did our t-run even though I was starving and a little dizzy from all the caffeine!

What a fun morning! Doesn't get much better than a fun ride with friends, beautiful weather, and good coffee! Le Tour de Bean was such a success that J&A's is already planning for "Tour de Taco Trailer"!


Shayla said...

That was a ton of fun today!

Moni said...

I had SO much fun too! So glad we all did it.:) Will you post these pics on facebook (or can I steal them and post if not?). :) I SO want in for the Tour de Trailer!

Ingrid said...

That looks so fun. The leaf pattern on the foam at medici (?) is really cool. Very Austin. Jealous. Wish I lived there.