Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Great Austin Blizzard of 2010

It snowed more in Austin today than it has in over 25 years. As much as I hate snow, even I had to admit that the HUGE flakes falling from the sky looked pretty, as long as I was in my office with my blanket and space heater!I did venture out to the steps of my building to take a couple of pictures of the snow falling, but with my crappy phone camera you really can't see the big snowflakes falling.
But you can see the snow actually sticking all around the Turtle Pond.

While I was staying inside during the blizzard, Jeff and his guys were riding bikes around the parking lot in the snow and having snowball fights in the shop!
Mark, Adrian (on the pink bike) and Pieps riding in the snow
Pieps and Adrian riding in the snow, you can't even see the snow falling with Jeff's fancy new iphone camera.
When I came home I saw that our neighbors had made a big snowman, it's over 5 ft tall!

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