Sunday, January 24, 2010

3M Half Marathon

Tri Zones at 3M, photo by Tom Marek

The 3M half marathon is the 6th race in the Austin Distance Challenge. Saturday night Jeff and I had chicken avocado salad for dinner and I felt like I barely slept at all. I got up triathlon early since they were starting the race at 6:45 in the morning! I got to Sandra's office about 2 minutes before Julie, Sandra, Nicki, and Peggy and they immediately told me I was going to freeze to death in a sleeveless shirt, arm warmers and a running skirt. I was pretty sure they were right. The weather website said 55 degrees, but it was definitely not 55 degrees! We ran over to the start and waited, and waited and waited. Turns out the wind was so strong that it was blowing barricades over and the city police and volunteers needed more time to get them set up and secured enough for the crazy strong wind. We ended up waiting about an hour and I was freezing! Me, Nicki, and Julie waiting for the start and freezing. Photo by Tom Marek

Kenneth acted as my wind block for awhile, Nicki found someone's throw away sweat pants for me, and Julie rubbed my legs like a massage therapist- thanks guys!!Julie rubbing my legs to warm them up, I was freezing, thanks Julie! Photo by Tom Marek

When we finally started I was cold for about the first mile or two, but then with the sun I started to feel good. Sandra and I were going to try to run marathon pace, but we knew that would be tough on the fast, mostly downhill 3M course, especially with a 20-30 mph tailwind! Sandra and I just after starting. Photo by Tom Marek

We saw Tom taking pictures right at the start, Mandy passed us on our first walk break, and we saw Rita shortly after that. Just before the first rest stop I saw Carolyn and Tina in front of us, I thought we'd catch them and run with them for awhile, but after the stop, I couldn't see them anymore, I wasn't sure if they got ahead or behind us. On Spicewood Springs we saw Laura, Amy, and Sarah R. and gave them high fives! Somewhere along Spicewood or Mesa there was a group of jugglers on the course- fun! On Shoal Creek and Foster we saw Annette, Tom, Vicki and Emmy. Sandra and I at Shoal Creek. Photo by Tom Marek

We looked for Jeff, but he ended up being a little late to see us, with the long delay he didn't have any way to time when we'd come by.
Running on Foster with the sun right in my eyes! Photo by Tom Marek

By this time I think we had run 1 mile at marathon pace the rest were faster, I kept telling Sandra we should slow down, but neither of us really did. At one point she said, "but don't you think we're dong marathon effort?" I agreed that we were running pretty easy and could keep up that effort for 5+ hours so we just went with it. Just after the relay exchange point we saw Kristen, who had an awesome 6.7 mile run today, her longest yet!

On Burnet we saw Stacey H. wearing a cool Mardi Gras mask, and on North Loop we saw Leah. At a water stop on North Loop Diane caught up to us and ran the rest of the way with us. Duval was fun to run on because it's really downhill and because so many people were out in their yards cheering. We saw Rita again, and Jody on Duval and Amy again on campus. We ran the last 2 miles at a harder effort and I knew even if we didn't speed up, all 3 of us would PR.Coming in to the finish, don't know why I'm sticking my tongue out at Tom! Photo by Tom Marek

We saw a barricade blow onto the course on Duval, it was pretty amazing how fast that barricade just scooted into the street! If someone had been in the way, I'm sure they would have tripped. The wind really was pretty crazy, but since it was at our backs most of the race, it didn't seem like a big deal most of the time.
Showing off my new Tri Zones headband, our Tri Zones Winter Running Goodie. Photo by Tom Marek

We came in at 2:25:05, which for me is a 2:49 PR over Decker in Dec. I'm really happy with that especially considering we were taking it easy and trying to run marathon effort. I had an absolutely awesome time running today! It was so much fun to see so many Tri Zoners out spectating and cheering us on! It ended up being beautiful running weather, nice and sunny which just makes me happy, and a PR was just icing on the cake.


Richard said...

Congrats on the awesome PR effort today!!!!!

KCWoodhead said...

I love that race!! Too bad Houston keeps changing its mind on scheduling so there is not enough time any more to do both!


Thor said...

Awesome job, H! And man, you not only had a great race but, according to the pictures, you also had a BLAST!

Ingrid said...

Way to go Heather!! Another PR! Wooo Hooo!! Can't wait til Feb. 14!!!