Friday, January 29, 2010

10 things that make me happy

I was tagged a few days ago by Cassie and am finally getting this up.

In no particular order, 10 things that make me happy:

1. Jeff- I'm not going to get all sappy or anything, but I love being married to Jeff. He's a great husband and a great guy in general. I'm a lucky girl.
2. Tri Zones- I really love being part of Tri Zones. When I moved to Austin and found Tri Zones I couldn't believe how encouraging and accepting everyone was! Real coaching makes a HUGE difference too. I know I've said it here before but I just can't explain how awesome it is to do a triathlon with so many friends and see even more friends out on the course cheering their hearts out for us! It's just an amazing training group and I'm really lucky to be part of it.Photo by Tom MarekPhoto by Tom Marek
Photo by Tom Marek

3. Connor and Katie- My dogs are the best! They've brought me so much joy over the past 10 and 7 years. I've had Connor just about my entire adult life. I love coming home and being greeted by two super happy chocolate labs! And I love taking them to the park and watching them jump into the water after a frisbee or a stick. I have tried and tried to take pictures of them jumping into the water but it never works.
4. Austin- Austin is by far my favorite place I have ever lived. There are tons of cool little restaurants and shops and new ones open up all the time (they're unique too, not just the same places you have in every other city). I have lots of choices for bike riding and I can even ride to and from work which is really cool. Austin has parks and greenbelts everywhere, I can drive 10 mintues and go hiking or trail running and feel like I'm in the middle of nowhere. I can also drive 20 minutes and go boating on Lake Austin. And people are super friendly in Austin.
5. Sunshine- I am definitely a solar powered human. David once said I must have chlorophyll in my blood. I love sunny days and I love to be outside in the sun as much as possible. I can't wait for summer!Photo by Tom Marek

6. Town Lake- Since my first run at Town Lake I knew I would always love running there, but I didn't realize I would also love kayaking, swimming, and people watching at Town Lake. I'm also amazed at how beautiful Town Lake is, every time I drive or run over the lake I love looking out at the water.

7. Friends-I am so lucky to have some really great friends.Photo by Nicki DuBose
8. Milkshakes- I know everyone thinks cupcakes and gordough's are my favorite foods, but honestly milkshakes are my true weakness, and vanilla is almost always my first choice. My favorites are from the Alamo, Amy's, and Phil's (you would think Amy's and Phil's would have the same milkshake, but they are surprisingly different, but both really good). I guess there are no milkshake pictures on the blog because they just aren't as photogenic as cupcakes and crazy donuts. Maybe that will change after the marathon. The milkshake below is from the Big Top Candy Shop on South Congress, I haven't had a milkshake from there yet, maybe after the marathon.
9. Being a Triathlete-If you had told me 10 years ago that I would do a triathlon someday, I would have said you were crazy. But I have been a triathlete for almost 7 years now. I'm not fast, but I have so much fun that it doesn't really matter. I love the challenge of a tough workout and trying to improve each season.
Photo by Tom Marek
Photo by Tom Marek

10. Accomplishment- I'm blatantly stealing this one from Cassie because I like it. "Hard work and dedication do pay off. I've always been goal-oriented. Its not the goal itself that is what matters - its accomplishing what I've set out to do."
Photo by Jake North

I tag Nicki, Amy, Matt, Maggie, and Richard

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Richard said...

That's a great list and thanks ever sooooo much for tagging me! I'll get to it when I can. However I can tell you that if you want a really photogenic milkshake (and a near coma-inducing-sugar-rush) then you need to come with me to Disney World some time!