Sunday, October 18, 2009

Silicon Labs Marathon Relay

Red, Eva, Andrew, Monica, and I at the Silicon Labs Marathon Relay
I'm REALLY late putting up a report for this race, the race was Sept 27, but it was so much fun that I thought I should do one. This race is made up of 5 person teams who run a marathon, the first leg is 12K, followed by 2 10K legs and 2 5K legs. I ran with Red, Andrew, Eva, and Monica, they are all a lot faster than me, but when I suggested maybe we have a slower and faster Tri Zones team, they insisted I join their team. Andrew and Red picked me up early and we got an awesome and free! parking spot. In the end there were 2 Tri Zones teams anyway and we had a great time hanging out at the tent waiting to start our runs and cheering for our teammates. I ran our first 10K leg so Red handed off our bracelet to me. I felt great on the run, it was a beautiful sunny morning. I ended up running in 1:10:20, a PR for me since I've never done a 10K run before. Strange since I've done lots of olympic distance triathlons including 10K runs. Just before I finished I saw the first place team finishing, they got a spot in the Guinness Book of World Records, very cool! I handed off the bracelet to Andrew and he took off. As the morning went on, it got hotter and I felt bad for our later runners. If anyone should have run in the heat it should have been me, since I generally handle it better than most people. Oh well, we never would have guessed it would get so hot that morning. Our team finished in 4:08:50. Race one of the Distance Challenge- done!

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