Sunday, October 18, 2009

IBM Uptown Classic 10K

The Tri Zones group post-race. Photo by Emmie Carrigan

The IBM 10K is Distance Challenge race #2. The Longhorn 70.3 is one week from today so, on Thursday Coach Jen told us to run the IBM 10K at an easy training pace. After Shawn and Charlie's wedding reception Saturday afternoon and Coach Jen's "Reinhart Oktoberfest" (complete with TONS of German food, German beer, a German band, and all the Reinharts in lederhosen- WOW) Saturday night, I figured I had pretty much guaranteed I would have a pretty bad race at IBM and I really didn't mind because I had a ton of fun on Saturday and I had no intention of racing hard anyway.

When my alarm went off at 5:45 I was sure it was going to be a rough day. I ate eggs and roasted potatoes for breakfast hoping to absorb what was left of the German food and beer in my stomach. I got to IBM early and hung out with Kristen and Julie and her dad Joe. All the Tri Zoners started showing up and as always it was a lot of fun hanging out and talking with everyone pre-race. It was a cold moring- about 55 degrees. Most of the group did a 1-2 mile warm-up but I skipped that and stayed in my long pants and fleece a little longer.
Relaxing and having fun pre-race. Photo by Shalya Neris.

When the race started I started off really slow to warm up, I felt good, but I had to speed up a little just to get warm. I took miles 1, 2, and 3 very easy, we ran through the Domain and I saw Lynn out cheering. At mile 4 I started to speed up just a little and then I did the last 2 miles a little faster yet. Kristen and Shayla were all over the course cheering and taking pictures! The course was nice, a few rolling hills in the second half, and it felt to me like there was more downhill than uphill. I ran harder the last 1/2 mile or so because I was feeling really good. My pace for the second half was almost a minute faster than my pace for the first half. I finished in 1:10:10 which is actually a PR by 10 seconds!
About to finish! Photo by Emmie Carrigan.

I had a great time hanging out with all the Tri Zoners after the race and I also saw Maggie and Amy. I also got a short massage from Michael at Performance Wellness. Distance Challenge race number 2- done!


Richard said...

Congrats on the PR, especially with taking it easy on the front end!

7 days to Longhorn!! I started the week today with an easy 3.2 mile run as I coast into Longhorn.

Maggie said...

way to go on the PR! you're getting stronger. just wait till next weekend!
It was good to see you today.

shubbe said...

You looked really strong (and focused until I yelled for you and made you look up) coming in at the end! Congratulations on a new PR so soon after the old one.

Can't wait to hear about your experience at Longhorn!