Monday, August 10, 2009

New Bike Lane

Today was my first day to ride on Anderson Lane. They resurfaced and restriped Anderson and they put in a new bike lane! Anderson is pretty busy and traffic is fairly fast so I have never ridden on Anderson with the traffic. But I cross Anderson twice every day on my way to and from work. I had to wait and wait and wait for an opening in traffic every night (morning traffic isn't so bad), but now I can just go to the light and ride a few blocks in the bike lane on Anderson to my turn. Cool! Thank you City of Austin!


Richard said...

Isn't it great when government gets something right?

Anonymous said...

They also extended the bike lane on Steck. There's a new section that goes from Burnet to Mopac. It's interesting how they striped to handle bikes that are going across Mopac toward Mesa with all the cars that are turning right onto Mopac. Check it out.