Thursday, August 6, 2009

My birthday!

I decided I wanted to go to Schlitterbahn again for my birthday. I went with my little brother in June and it was tons of fun and not that crowded. Lori and Fred came with us and traffic was pretty bad so we got there a little later than I had hoped and it was definitely more crowded than when I went with Jason. We had to wait in a few long lines, but other than that it was super fun! By the time we left we were all so tired! I wanted Homeslice for dinner, but there was an hour wait and that was just not going to work, so we went to Phil's Icehouse instead.

Jeff got me this cool new transition bag. I have been needing one for a long time.
It has compartments for all my cool tri stuff, bike shoes, run shoes, bottles, gloves, etc. even a waterproof compartment for my wetsuit.

I got to work today and found two boxes from the Cookie Lounge on my desk! Ingrid had ordered them and had them delivered to my office, how cool!

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