Thursday, November 27, 2008


The Trizones team at the Turkey Trot
Thanksgiving morning I did the 5 mile Turkey Trot starting at Waterloo Park, and Jeff and Jim mountain biked at Walnut Creek Park. I have always wanted to do a turkey trot and this is the first one I've done. I showed up pretty early since I had to do packet and chip pickup. As I was parking I ran into Cindy, nice! Cindy and I before the race
Now I had someone to hang out with right away, cool! Red, Kenneth, Coach Tracy and a few other Trizoners showed up and we did a short warm up.This dog followed Red home on her run last weekend. She decided to keep him and named him Kona, today was his first run on a leash and he did really well.

I just got these Zoot compression socks yesterday. They are supposed to keep your legs feeling fresh and help with recovering faster. The 5 mile turkey trot probably isn't long enough for them to make a huge difference, but I wanted to test them and if they felt good today, then I'd wear them for Decker. They felt great during the race and my legs still feel good now! So I'll be wearing them for Decker too.

There were about 12,000 people running so it took us about 10 minutes after the starting gun went off to get to the start. I just wanted to finish in under an hour and have a good time today. I started off and felt good, we ran down 6th Street all the way to West Lynn, not many hills on 6th, but after we turned onto West Lynn at about mile 1.5 or 2, the hills started, they pretty much continued through the race, but I didn't have to walk up any of them and I felt great the entire run. It was a lot of fun to see people dressed as turkeys and indians and pilgrims. I finished in 57:53.

Everyone from Trizones does a champagne toast after the turkey trot. I am definitely thankful to have found such a great training group in Austin.
Kenneth pouring champagne for the toast.
Coach Tracy giving the toast
Elle, Cindy, Kenneth, and Carolyn ready for the champagne toast.
Finishing my champagne
Tom and Judy came over, Jim came over, Jeff fried the turkey (sorry no pictures), we had Thanksgiving dinner (including some turkey for Connor and Katie), and then played Wii for awhile. I am still the Wii bowling champion, but Jeff and Jim kicked my butt in baseball.
Jim hanging out with Connor
Dessert was cupcakes from Hey Cupcake.
Tom and Judy enjoying their cupcakes

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