Tuesday, August 8, 2017

40th Birthday Thank You

My 40th Birthday was a huge success! Both the fundraiser and the celebration. To blatantly steal the words of Laurie Allen “'Thank you' seems inadequate to convey my gratitude"  to everyone who donated. I appreciate it so much, but I guess "thank you" is all I can say. So THANK YOU!!

At this point I have raised $4245 for Austin Dog Alliance. This has absolutely been meaningful and rewarding, exactly what I wanted for my 40th birthday. And the money will definitely make a difference for Austin Dog Alliance.

The Executive Director of Austin Dog Alliance told me she's honored to have me supporting ADA. And she said my fundraising is "impressive". I told her, it has very little to do with me, it's that I have amazing and generous friends and family. That's the absolute truth. All of your love and generosity made my 40th birthday my best ever. And it will make a huge impact for Austin Dog Alliance.

If you meant to donate, but haven't done it yet, you can definitely still donate here. 

One more time: THANK YOU!! 

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