Thursday, August 1, 2013

Converting Closet to "Book Nook" aka Pinterest Project #3

We knew we wanted to use our office closet mainly for book storage, and in the past we have put a set of Ikea shelves in all of our office closets. That set of shelves is currently being used as our pantry until the kitchen remodel is finished, so without our normal shelves, we got creative and found this on Pinterest.

Our book nook inspiration
We both loved it and started planning our own "book nook". I started drawing plans and measuring and Jeff started figuring out how to make sure the shelves had enough support for books.
Closet "before" although I had already started painting
All we really had to buy for the project was a bunch of 1x2s for supports and trim and 5 pieces of 2x4 MDF for shelves. I painted the shelf pieces and measured and marked the 1x2s for supports, cut them with the jigsaw and tacked them in place. The toughest part was getting each support level. Katherine let me borrow her laser level which was super helpful, but I still used the big level for the long supports and the corners. That night I measured and marked the shelf cuts and Jeff cut them with the circular saw the next day.
Supports tacked in place, later Jeff screwed them into the studs for extra strength
Jeff put the shelves up and started the trim while I was at work one day, so no pictures of the shelves before trim.
Shayla was over helping one day and took this picture. She was impressed by the nail gun. It's actually very easy to use, a whole lot easier than nailing by hand, and probably safer too, I'm certain I'd have a lot of black and blue thumbs and fingers if I did all that nailing by hand!
This is a good picture of the current bottom supports too. They are temporary until we make the big Ikea kitchen trip. Two cabinets meant to go above a refrigerator will make a seating area and support the bottom shelves.
Shelves trimmed and painted
finished for now, still need to get the seating cabinets and then do the wall trim
I'll update when we get the cabinets in and then update again when I get a cushion for the's a work in progress.

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