Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Run for the Water

A late and super short (for me) race report. I wanted to do one since I actually had a fantastic run.
Linda and I got to the start fairly early and it was cold! I was wearing a ton of clothes, but I'd much rather be too warm than too cold. We found Monica and the 3 of us started together. We chatted and ran along at about a 10:30 pace, fast for me! But I felt good, I ran with them for 2 or 3 miles then decided to let them go because there was no way I could run 10:30 for 10 miles! I felt great and even through the hills continued to feel really good. A girl dressed as a box of popcorn kept playing tag with me. I never really felt overly hot and I wasn't really cold either. I just felt really really good! I got back on to Ceasar Chavez for the last few miles and I knew I was going to finish faster than I had expected. I saw Laura ride by on her mountain bike and she cheered "Go Heather" for me, when she did, the box of popcorn girl said "are you Heather from Tri Zones?" I said "yes" and she said "it's Stacey Green" of course I had no idea who she was all dressed up as a box of popcorn, I could have chatted with her the entire run! But we were close to the finish and I was close to coming in under 1:50, so I didn't chat for long. I was just hoping for under 2 hours (1:50-1:55 was my realistic goal), so when I finished in 1:45:25 I was ecstatic! That's a 10:30 pace, and a faster pace than I've ever run even a 5K!


Richard said...

Awesome job on the race, Heather! Congrats on the PR pace!!!

Mike said...

Nice job Heather!