Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Just a few observations about Canada first.

1. The Okanagan Valley is beautiful

2. People are super nice

3. The views are really dramatic, especially mountains behind the huge lakes

4. Orchards and vineyards everywhere

We saw salmon jumping in the river, I asked some of these fishermen what kind they were- sockeye, that's the good stuff! I saw they had caught at least a dozen, so I asked if they'd sell some- yes. We bought 2 and grilled them for dinner, best fish we've ever eaten!

Jeff and I got to go hiking one afternoon, we went to Skaha Bluffs Park. It was beautiful and we got to see some really different areas. We took lots of pictures out there.Can you see the person climbing? Look near the bottom between the trees.

It was a "long weekend" while we were there. A few people mentioned it, so we asked if it was a holiday, someone replied "yes". We thought it was weird that no one said what the holiday was. After swimming one morning, I was chatting with an older man walking in the water, he mentioned the "long weekend" so I asked him what holiday it was. He said "it's a civic holiday" What does that even mean? We decided that it must be some super secret Canadian holiday that they didn't want the Americans to know about. Finally Ingrid found out from someone that it was British Columbia Day, I don't think we ever did figure out the significance of British Columbia Day!

Now on to the Ultraman race!

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