Friday, May 20, 2011

Bike to Work Day 2011

This year it was just Linda and I biking to work from my house, and Linda didn't even have to work! Kendra was working one of the breakfast stops, and Annette and Laura had to back out at the last minute, totally understandable given the circumstances. We took off from my house early so we'd get to The Peddler just after 7 and have plenty of time to hit our other stops. As we rode past Peidmont, Linda asked "that's Jenny & Joe's street right?" "yep" and she told me that once she was riding down Woodrow and heard "Heather! HEATHER!" She looked around and saw Jenny waving at her, so she stopped and Jenny told her that I ride by her house all the time, so she just assumed it was me. Haha! Of course that spurred some discussion about Joe and we both cried a little. Jenny, in case you ever happen to see this, again, I'm so so sorry. We recovered and had a fun Bike to Work Day despite the circumstances.

First stop was The Peddler on Duval, we opted for just coffee there since the next stop was just a few blocks down the road. We chatted with some other cyclists for a few minutes but didn't stay too long.
Stop #2 was Dolce Vita, this hasn't been a stop before, so we definitely wanted to stop even though it's just down the street from The Peddler, coffee and KIND bars here. We laughed at the volunteers trying to get the little kids riding to school to stop for coffee, I'm sure the teachers would love that!
Stop #3 was Thunderbird Coffee on Manor and finally some breakfast tacos! Good thing, I was already getting jittery from 2 cups of coffee, but I love T-bird's iced coffee, so I had to have a small glass. One of the volunteers told us "hey, I remember you guys from last year" There were a lot of people at T-bird this year and last, so I'm not sure how or why she remembered us specifically, but it's kinda cool.
The last stop for me was Freewheeling with more breakfast tacos and this time I opted for orange juice instead of coffee. The guys from Freewheeling remembered us too, but that's understandable since we were interviewed for the news there last year. No news crew this year though. After Freewheeling, I went to work and Linda went down to Mellow Johnnies and Whole Foods for a little more Bike to Work Day fun.

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