Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year

We started off New Year's Eve with a swim at Barton Springs BRRRR!
Lots of Tri Zoners showed up so it was fun even though it was cold.

Then lots of shopping and prepping outfits for the 1.1 Underwear Run on New Year's Day. Including making Ingrid's "I see London, I see France" underpants!
We had a really fun dinner at Suzi's with Ron & Roger and a couple of their friends. And they pretty much convinced all of us that we need to do the Hill Country Ride for AIDS this year. Then it was time for the Wii tournament, ok not really a tournament but Del and Shayla went all out boxing!New Year's morning Jon and I did our long runs while Ingrid and Del rode. We all met back at Jack & Adam's for the 1.1 Underwear Run. Del's Hello Kitty underwear was a big hit!
Del and Java the great dane
The route was from Jack & Adam's to the Capital and back.
Yes, people stared (mostly at Del, I think), people stopped their cars in the middle of the street, rolled down their windows, took pictures and laughed, pointed and yelled at us. And I laughed more than I have laughed in a long time! I think we all had way more fun than we expected!
Colleen and Batman
Superman and Batman announcing winners, and Del won!
We went to Cherrywood Coffeehouse for brunch to celebrate Del's big win. Yes, Del and Ingrid are still wearing their underwear at Cherrywood!

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Shayla said...

That was definitely a fun weekend! Thanks for letting me tag along!